The Children’s Cottage Experience



Our center is entirely supported by tuition fees. We strive to pay our teachers competitive wages and offer benefits to those who stay with us, thus giving your children continuity of care. Teachers do some of the most crucial teaching and confidence building, guiding children through their first set of social skills, building and honoring friendships,  manners, and potty learning.  We have some of the best teacher to child ratios in the area, and this means that we can give each child the one-on-one attention and creative open ended curriculum that they need in order to thrive and grow and learn in preparation for Kindergarten and a lifetime of learning. Our teachers are loving, attentive, flexible,and observant. The care that they give to our children is based on constant observation and teachers are always working to adjust their teaching styles to best meet the needs of the children that we serve. Our teachers work hard and deserve to be paid at a competitive wage.


When you are a part of the children’s cottage family, you get a community of people who care for and about your child. Every caregiver brings unique talents and strengths to the classroom, and the group care setting gives your child access to this wealth of experiences. Your child receives reliable, heartfelt, loving, and attentive care; daily facebook postings about classroom activities; personalized communications about your child; an array of monthly community events; daily, weekly, or monthly reports to keep you up to date on your child’s experiences in the classroom, developmental conferences, and a portfolio that follows your child throughout his or her time with us.


As your child grows from infancy to kindergarten send-off, their needs change and our care for them changes accordingly. At each step of the way, Children’s Cottage community is here to support you and celebrate your child’s development together with your family!


In the Caterpillar Baby classroom, our small primary care groups build a sense of secure attachment and the confidence to go out into the larger world and explore as they become toddlers. Our support of attachment parenting and breastfeeding ensures that your bond with your child is strengthened and you are supported as you transition back to work.


In the Butterfly Toddler classroom, children begin to see themselves within a larger group, to build social skills and follow routines and grow their minds with interesting and ever changing art and movement activities. As they transition from one center to the next, they are surrounded by familiar faces and supported through the transition by teacher Mary, and myself: familiar faces at both sites.


In the Tadpole Older Toddler classroom, these small toddlers move on to become more adept at those social skills that they have already gained. They have access to even more art materials, nature, opportunity for small and large motor development, They continue to receive the responsive small group care that they need in order to develop to their fullest potential. Music, movement, and joyous play are all part of a day at Children’s Cottage.  


As children move into their final part of the preschool years, they are ready for the Frog PreK classroom. They are bursting with pride, and ready to truly deepen friendships and explore an open ended classroom full of materials to manipulate. Language, science, social skills,  and mathematics are taught through hands-on child centered lessons and long term project work throughout the day in the Frog class. Children graduate from our Frog class with a huge social and academic advantage: Ability to move through routines, the attention span needed to join in circle time to sing and learn, understanding of number concepts, writing or pre-writing skills, thoughtful and emotionally literate social skills, and a general great start to the future of their education.

Children’s Cottage: developing a lifelong love of learning through play!