Children’s Cottage Preschool

Parent Questionnaire for Enrollment

Thank you for considering The Children’s Cottage Preschool. This questionnaire will give us a better understanding of your child and family so that we can continue to provide top quality education and care for the families whom we select. Please answer all questions with as much detail as possible.


Child’s name:


Child’s Date of Birth:


Parents names:


Schedule you would like and desired start date:


Contact number:


1. What are the most important factors in your choice of a preschool?


2. Are you familiar with the play-based approach to education?  If so, what do you like about the approach? Do you have any disagreements with aspects of play based learning? Do you wish to learn more about the approach?


3. Are you able or willing to limit your child’s television viewing and video game play?


4. Please tell us about your family and home life. How do you spend your weekends? Who are the members of your family? Favorite pastimes?


5. Do you think that your family and home life are compatible with the our school’s approach to learning? If so, please explain why.


6. What kind of person is your child? Please describe your child’s personality, interests, approach to situations, difficulties and strengths.


7. What has been your biggest discipline issue with your child so far, and how have you handled it?


8. What discipline method/methods do you use and do you think that these are effective for your child? What discipline methods have you found ineffective?


9. What has been your previous experience with daycare or preschool? Can I call your previous provider? (Please provide references)


10. Describe your child’s experiences and interactions with other children, playmates, and siblings.


11. Do you have any special interests or talents that you would like to share with the class? Would you be interested in volunteering in the classroom or for special projects?


12. Do you have any further questions or comments about our school, your child, or your family?


13. Would you like to be added to our private Facebook group page? Please tell us the name you use on Facebook :)


14. Does your child nap? If so, what are your techniques and methods?


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this information. Each child is unique and interesting and it helps us all to have open communication. Feel free to always ask any questions, stay and observe, and request information on any subject. Welcome to our school!